While I couldn’t get the Migrate app working in my device I found something that worked for me. Migrator : A backup solution and data migration utility for Android.

Basically it’s a collection of some shell scripts that will assist you to copy app, data, permissions and other necessary stuffs and restore them afterwards. It’s usable as a Magisk module or as a standalone shell script.

  • Before changing my ROM I did a backup of user apps by running M -beM. This will copy necessary files to /data/migrator/. So enough internal storage is needed to do a backup.

  • To avoid storage issue or to use the backup in another device you may export it to external sd card by running M -e -d /storage/XXXX-XXXX.

    Note : XXXX-XXXX is a bunch of characters that represents your SD Card.

  • Change your ROM or device, delete partitions or reset the device. Install Migrator module through Magisk or just run the script and import the exported backup by running M -i -d /storage/XXXX-XXXX/migrator_exported. If you didn’t exported backups, importing is not needed.

  • Finally run M -re to restore everything.

Note : You’ll get more information in the README of Migrator’s repo, so follow that.