It takes at least three addons to make YouTube bearable for me (e.g. Enhancer for YouTube, Return YouTube Dislike, SponsorBlock for YouTube, Improve YouTube) which is too much just for a single website.

The easiest solution would be to start using Invidious or Piped instances. They are pretty great, no addons required to remove ads or sponsors or anything. Not a fan of their UI though, it bugs me during watching a video and I don’t want to missout liking or disliking videos, commenting, creating a playlist and other basic features that YouTube provides. So Invidious is not the best option out there for me.

My instant thought was to find an addon that combines those three addons and makes me mentally stable lol. But couldn’t find any and I don’t have the knowledge to create an addon for myself. Then I started looking for userscripts, and found some.

Nova YouTube Extension

It has lot’s of features that Enhancer for YouTube and Improve YouTube provides. The all-in-one userscript!

Nova YouTube Extension

Nova YouTube Extension

Return YouTube Dislike

This one doesn’t need any introduction I guess. Install it and it should work.

Simple Sponsor Skipper

As the name says it’s really simple and works like charm. Beside YouTube it works with Invidious and CloudTube.


It’s pretty easy to install userscripts. Install any userscript manager, for better compatibility you may choose Tampermonkey.