I can’t remember when the last time I’d watched a movie like Capernaum. But this movie has won my heart, I can say that without any doubt. Capernaum is a name of ancient Israeli city which was condemned to hell by Jesus. In french literature it is used to portray hell, chaos; a large mess that seems impossible to clean. Director Nadine Labaki has taken the word ‘Capernaum’ to signify the lifestyle of a young boy in chaotic, merciless Beirut.

In recent time more than a million Syrian came to Lebanon as refugee. Capernaum showed an important story of their lifestyle. Zain, an little angry Syrian refugee kid who doesn’t know his birth date nor his parents has any documentation of his existence. He blames his abusive parents for bringing him in to this world, a world full of mess. I was awestruck by his performance. His personal life isn’t much different than the character he played, that’s why he made the overall environment more realistic.

Overall this movie is a debatable one also, it questions human existence. Why people take childs if they can’t ensure a better life for them?