I finished watching Demolition (2015) today starring Jake Gyllenhaal. I had never experienced like this before. Or maybe I did; I just don’t remember those moments. I felt connected to the story, to Davis’s feelings. It was like I was realizing every moment, and everything happened around it.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Some parts were related to my life or maybe not, it just feels like it is. Sometimes you’ll never know what something meant to you until you lose it. For Davis, it was her wife, though he told some people he never loved her wife, but deep inside something was eating him out when she was not around him anymore. He started to notice every small thing happening around himself.

He was struggling to figure out why he thinks he wasn’t in love with her wife. Digging deep inside him, he wanted to look what’s the matter. Tearing apart all memories demolishing his earlier self, he tried to bring out something meaningful.

It seems true that sadness touches you more easily. I should be saying “Melancholy” instead of sadness, I guess. Yes, that’s the word, it belongs here. Human emotions are too complex to understand.

To me, life is about living it. When something stands ahead of you, you don’t stop, continuing the living process is life. And when others join you in that journey, it gets even better, more bearable. To love and to be loved while you live is an amazing thing.

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